Reasons to Choose iPhone Among Other Phones Uncategorized 

Reasons to Choose iPhone Among Other Phones

Over the years, smartphones are evolving. Way back 2000, smartphones looks very cute, small in size but today, phones gone bigger and bigger. I don’t know the reason behind this big phones but it is now the trend. I can’t go against it. Good Quality Camera Retina   camera is the greatest gift of all. Apple is known to produce iPhones which is very proud to offer to the public their retina lens technology that makes the phone’s camera out stand. This superb iPhone’s camera is just one of the…

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Play to survive Uncategorized 

Play to survive

Education is one of the best things a parent could ever give to their children, and it is a big problem for the part of the parent if they are financially unstable. There are a lot of schools here in our country, yet there are still a lot of children who cannot go to them because of many other reasons. Fortunately, there is  hope for this children, colleges provides scholarships for those academically excellent students and for those having a hard time in it, joining sports and becoming a varsity…

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